Digital strategy, capability and operational maturity benchmarking research and prescriptive recommendations to drive digital excellence

  Digital Maturity Scorecard

Compare your digital capabilities with those of leaders within and outside your industry

  • Points Of Commerce (Web, Mobile, Kiosk, POS)
  • Customer Engagement
  • Organization Skills & Structure

  Frictionless Digital Operations

Understand the impact and effectiveness of your digital operations on the customer and associate experience

  • Rate Parity Adjustment
  • Arrivals & Departures
  • F&B Management

  Accelerating Innovation Discovery

Discover new technologies being adopted by industry leaders and assess their impact on your business

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Conversational Commerce
  • Augmented Reality

  Measuring Total Digital Impact

Measure and benchmark the true impact of digital on the overall business against industry leaders

  • Digital Spend
  • Digital Sales
  • Booking Partner Profitability


Benchmark capabilities, maturity or performance across a wide variety of areas using Incisiv’s transparent benchmarking methodology, deep domain and industry knowledge and strong B2B2C research capabilities


As-a-service industry research & analytics reports that help you get to decisions quicker and smarter.

  Research Capsules

Quick-turnaround insights based on trusted sources that help provide you an external perspective when you need it the most, and don’t have the luxury of time

  Analytics Capsules

Targeted, pre-defined analytics reports that help you make better use of your own data via a low-risk, high-value methodology


A customized, high-touch conference style power-program delivered by recognized industry thought-leaders inside your four-walls to expand internal perspective, participation and to accelerate action


Tools and services to discover, curate and shortlist emerging technology vendors in exciting new categories that will drive the future of digital excellence