A Next-Gen Industry Insights Firm to Help Navigate Digital Disruption

Incisiv offers consumer industry executives responsible for digital transformation a trusted platform to share and learn in a non-competitive setting, and the tools necessary to improve digital maturity, impact and profitability.


Incisiv operates “The Speakeasy” - a members-only executive network that spans consumer industries such as retail, restaurant, lodging, consumer products, banking and healthcare. The Speakeasy offers its patrons:

Curated Networking

Ongoing networking opportunities that help executives expand their perspective within and beyond their industries.

Unmatched Peer Insight

Unfiltered, real-world discussion with peers in a trusted, non-competitive setting.

Personalized Learning

Focused industry insights and a variety of virtual and in-person events curated to a Patron’s specific interests



Incisiv is a powerful resource for executives charged with digital transformation.

Digital Commerce Maturity Assessment

The industry’s first digital commerce benchmark based on conversion impact offers retailers a customized assessment against segment-specific leaders across the shopper journey.

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Speakeasy Diaries

A curated, hand-crafted selection of the best digital insights delivered to your inbox every fortnight.

UnConference @ Shoptalk 2019

Join Incisiv’s unique brand of experiential learning event for retail and consumer brand executives at Shoptalk 2019.

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Incisiv’s unique blend of 4 powerful ingredients offers executives and enterprises unparalleled depth, flexibility and action-orientation. All Incisiv services utilize a healthy mix of these core ingredients.



Central to Incisiv’s capabilities is the ability to curate the most powerful executive groups and communities around a specific topic or area of interest.



Incisiv utilizes its vast B2B2C research experience and global research footprint to build and execute both traditional and new-age, creative, strategic research.



Incisiv’s digital maturity, impact and profitability frameworks offer enterprises the most comprehensive, customized benchmarking against a competitive or industry- leader peer-set.



Incisiv is the only industry insights firm with deep analytics capabilities, allowing it to go beyond traditional research and help organizations make better sense and use of their own data.


Meet the tipsy bunch powering the awesomeness of Incisiv and The Speakeasy

Gaurav Pant

Chief Insights Officer
  • Co-Founder EKN Research
  • Co-Founder Winculum
  • Director of Retail & Consumer Goods @ Tata Consultancy Services
  • Cultural Reference Encyclopedia
  • Vest Aficionado
  • Failed Hip-Hop Mogul
  • Pronounced “Guava”

Giri Agarwal

Chief Strategy Officer
  • Former Director of Marketing @ Tata Consultancy Services
  • Co-Founder EKN Research
  • Serial Middling Start-Up Entrepreneur
  • Witbier Snob
  • Enfant Terrible
  • Often Mistaken for Gaurav
  • Acquired Taste

Dave Weinand

Chief Customer Officer
  • Former SVP Tech Group of Ensemble IQ
  • Co-Founder EKN Research
  • Publisher RIS News
  • VP/GM Retail Systems Alert Group
  • 80’s Alternative Aficionado
  • Transitioning from Tequila to Bourbon
  • Token White Guy

Amar Mokha

Chief Operations Officer
  • Former VP @ Genpact
  • Previously @ Accenture, Deloitte, Tata Consultancy Services
  • Fighting the Calorie Fight
  • Often Strip-Searched by TSA
Asheesh Kumar, Incisiv

Asheesh Kumar

Director – Research & Operations
  • Ex-TNS Consumer Research
  • Feeds on spreadsheets
  • Self-proclaimed culinary expert
  • New-found love for road and running
  • Compulsively obsessed with orderliness
Rohit Kashyap, Incisiv

Rohit Kashyap

Visual Designer
  • Previously, Web & Graphic Designer @ Sopantech
  • Visual Designer @ Incisiv
  • Data Visualizer
  • Gamer
  • Beer Guzzler
Varun Gupta, Incisiv

Varun Gupta

Senior Research Analyst
  • Former Co-Founder Grocerywaale.com
  • Former Business Analyst @ Genpact
  • Suffers from Netfliction
  • Loyal Marvelite (Sorry DC!)
  • No Booze Tuesdays
  • Game of Thrones virgin
Sumit Shrivastava, Incisiv

Sumit Shrivastava

Digital Marketing Manager
  • Former Marketing Specialist @ MainStreet Technologies
  • University of Georgia MBA
  • Love-hate with Man U and Georgia Bulldogs
  • Witbiers and burgers
  • Failed soccer player but promising FIFA 19 prospect
Rohit Kumar, Incisiv

Rohit Kumar

Assistant Manager, Consulting & Analytics
  • Analytics Guy
  • Cinephile
  • Foodie
  • Cricket Fanatic
  • History Enthusiast
Saloni Khanna, Incisiv

Saloni Khanna

Research Analyst
  • Former Research Associate CEB (Now Gartner) and S&P Market Intelligence
  • Art Fanatic
  • Space Odyssey Nut
  • Rad Footy Player
  • Fizzle Salsa Dancer
Ria Bhatia, Incisiv

Ria Bhatia

  • Previously, Analyst @ EY
  • Movie buff
  • Loves dance
  • Spanish Apprentice
  • Travels for the journey
Kuldeep Reddy, Incisiv

Kuldeep Reddy

Senior Analyst
  • Excel, Numbers and Insights
  • MBA- IIM Ranchi | Exchange at emlyon business school
  • Electronics Engineer | Ex ZS | Finance and Strategy
  • Westworld, Twin Peaks and beyond
  • Zealous, Focused and Opinionated
  • Love Travelling. Want to Join?
Ashmeet Grover, Incisiv

Ashmeet Grover

Research Analyst
  • Former Researcher @ Bloomberg
  • Former Practice consultant @Blewminds
  • Theatre Fanatic
  • Yoga Enthusiast
  • Traveller


Incisiv uses its Ingredients – or capabilities – to deliver specific services and solutions for its clients across industries.

To learn more, choose your industry:


Unmatched Peer Learning

A variety of in-person and virtual environments offer both unfettered access and unfiltered disczussion between non-competitive peers

Quick Real-World Insights

For questions you struggle to find quality answers to, you now have the industry’s most trusted source – your peers – at your fingertips

Get Ahead with Targeted Analytics

No longer held back by the lack of resources or the fear of being out-budgeted, leverage standardized reports (or customize your own) and begin to improve your analytics maturity

Stay Ahead with Emerging Tech & Innovation Discovery

Shared exposure to innovation and emerging technology fosters a more open and fertile environment for concerted action. Bring innovation and emerging technology in to your four walls and accelerate the pace of change.

Avoid Industrial Tunnel Vision

Go beyond the typical industry or functional groups that may confine you to group-think. A cross-industry, cross-functional point of view will lead to ideas worth exploring.