Next-Gen Industry Insights to Help Navigate Digital Disruption

Incisiv helps enterprises improve digital maturity, impact and profitability by learning from digital disruptors, accelerating emerging tech discovery and responding to internal insight needs quicker.


Digital Impact Benchmarking

Benchmarking products with unmatched transparency and flexibility that offer the most robust evaluation of your digital maturity, assessment of digital impact on the overall business, and recommendations to improve digital operations profitability.

Research & Analytics

An outcome-oriented “as-a-service” research and analytics offering that arms you with the most important insights relevant to your industry, function and role.

Innovation & Emerging Tech Discovery

Targeted learning and discovery offerings that help overcome enterprise inertia and accelerate the exploration of innovative business models and technologies.

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Digital Executive Council Membership

Exclusive opportunities to network with and learn from your prospective buyers via an annual membership of The Speakeasy.

Research & Benchmarking

Licensing and sponsorship opportunities for Incisiv’s digital benchmarking products to help drive differentiated sales and marketing campaigns.

Advisory & Content Subscription

An outcome-oriented as-a-service “Insights Concierge” offering that overturns the traditional industry research and analyst model by offering transparent, flexible advisory capacity you can use at your own terms, and custom research programs.


Incisiv’s unique blend of 4 powerful ingredients offers executives and enterprises unparalleled depth, flexibility and action-orientation. All Incisiv services utilize a healthy mix of these core ingredients.



Central to Incisiv’s capabilities is the ability to curate the most powerful executive groups and communities around a specific topic or area of interest.



Incisiv utilizes its vast B2B2C research experience and global research footprint to build and execute both traditional and new-age, creative, strategic research.



Incisiv’s digital maturity, impact and profitability frameworks offer enterprises the most comprehensive, customized benchmarking against a competitive or industry- leader peer-set.



Incisiv is the only industry insights firm with deep analytics capabilities, allowing it to go beyond traditional research and help organizations make better sense and use of their own data.